Japan’s Reconstruction Agency Opens "Fukushima Updates," Portal Site to Disseminate Latest Info...

FUKUSHIMA, Japan and TOKYO, Mar. 4, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Reconstruction Agency, Government of Japan

Japan’s Reconstruction Agency Opens "Fukushima Updates,"

Portal Site to Disseminate Latest Info on Fukushima


The Reconstruction Agency, a government agency overseeing work on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, opened a portal site titled "Fukushima Updates" on March 4, 2021, to accurately and clearly send out information in English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese regarding questions and concerns that people, mainly overseas, have over the safety of Fukushima and Japan.


URL of "Fukushima Updates"



Nearly 10 years have passed since the earthquake that sent great shock waves throughout the world, and recovery has been steadily progressing in disaster-hit areas in eastern Japan.


On the other hand, however, many people abroad still have an image of the negative situation of Fukushima Prefecture shortly after the region was hit by the disaster-caused nuclear plant accident. This has hindered Fukushima’s recovery and prevented various countries and regions from lifting import restrictions on agricultural and other products from Japan.


The portal site is intended to be a forefront tool to disseminate the latest information on Fukushima through concerted efforts by government organizations concerned, including updates.


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Overview of main contents of "Fukushima Updates"


The website responds in a Q&A format to questions and concerns that mainly overseas people have over the current situation of Fukushima, the safety of Japanese food products and the disaster-hit TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are listed by item to meet the needs of both people who wish to obtain overall information and those who prefer to access information on specific matters of their interest.


Characteristics of FAQs:

-Top page shows a summary of each question and answer.

If each question is clicked, a brief and easy-to-understand answer is displayed. If the "Details" button is clicked, a page carrying a detailed answer is displayed along with charts and graphs.


-Page carrying detailed answers shows accurate information to help readers deepen their understanding, the sources of relevant information, etc.

A page carrying detailed answers also displays charts and graphs to help readers understand the latest information as well as the sources of information and their URLs. Such a site structure will make it easier to look for information through major search engines in the world.


Overview of other contents

-Fukushima Now

"Fukushima Now" introduces information on the safety of agriculture, forestry and fishery products from Fukushima and radiation levels through pamphlets and graphs.



Video clips uploaded to the website show basic information on radiation and the current situation of Fukushima in an easy-to-understand manner.


-Virtual background images

High-definition photos show beautiful scenery unique to Fukushima. The images can be downloaded and used for computer desktops and as background images for online conferences.




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