NATUREDYNE to Develop Most Effective and Simple Solution for “Green Recovery”


TOKYO, Mar. 12, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --



NATUREDYNE to Develop Most Effective and
Simple Solution for “Green Recovery”



NATUREDYNE INC. of Tokyo, Japan, will launch worldwide on March 15, 2021, a mobile-type micro-farming system, named “SoBiC” (an acronym of Solar pneumatic Bio-Cycle), that works without using any electronic or mechanical devices. This is quite a unique self-driven system taking advantage of natural physical phenomena, such as changes in atmospheric temperature and air pressure caused by solar heat. Such natural power activates an autonomous water-circulating pumping mechanism of the system, maintaining well-conditioned soil by nature’s balancing function, and consequently plants grow faster and bigger in healthy conditions. Therefore, such an innovative mechanism of SoBiC brings about various huge benefits, not only saving water consumption dramatically (saving roughly 90%) but also realizing the highest level of production efficiency because it can minimize all costs of cultivating plants such as human care and fertilization, making it unnecessary to make big investments for securing spacious farmland, maintain an arable environment, introduce major facilities, and use fuel or electricity as well. Therefore, SoBiC is a very innovative farming model as “mobile scale-out” (its global spread boosting agricultural output), easily enabling mass crop production anywhere by installing the system if a warm and sunny place is available.








- For creating affluent & sustainable society after COVID-19 pandemic ends

The 21st century will be called “the virus century” as it has witnessed many contagious illnesses such as SARS/MERS/bird flu/swine fever/new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) since around 2000. It is not difficult to predict that much worse viruses will be coming up continuously even if the present pandemic is settled by specific vaccines. No matter how much biotechnology evolves hereafter, there is no way to conquer virus outbreaks as long as humankind tries to resume the present huge and distorted industrial economy. Because the present society has been built on the sacrifice of nature such as environmental destruction and pollution, mere campaigning like the call for SDGs and reduction in CO2 emissions is meaningless for natural recovery.


However, SoBiC can reduce anxieties over stable food supply, to say the least. And if SoBiC spreads globally, increased food production and CO2 absorption will proceed at the same time, creating healthy new industries on huge food demand and expand employment accordingly as well. This exactly achieves two or three things simultaneously. It is also possible to create such a "chain of virtuous circles," making it possible to rebuild a prosperous and sustainable society without difficulty.


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