NATUREDYNE to Develop “Gravity Reactor” Capable of Generating Infinite Energy from Gravity


TOKYO, Nov. 12, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --


NATUREDYNE INC. Tokyo, Japan (hereinafter: ND) has developed "Gravity Reactor" that generates infinite potential energy by gravity in an entirely new dimensional physical mechanism of its own original fluid module technology.

Hydroelectric power generation is a typical method for extracting energy from gravity and water, and its power generation regeneration efficiency is limited to about 70%, but the Gravity Reactor generates over 100 times of potential energy from tiny kinetic energy by taking advantage of gravity, and its regenerating ratio is over 20,000%.




Basically, the regeneration efficiency exceeding 100% is an absolutely unthinkable system in modern science theory and the latest technology view. However, ND's Gravity Reactor attains even unimageable regenerating efficiency as the fact beyond all kinds of modern mathematical physical calculation using only reaction of gravity. ND has developed a "demonstration system" that can prove it and the system is constructed with all general plastic materials only without using any metal or chemical, and it can reproduce "the unbelievable phenomenon" at any time. Please refer to the video on ND’s website.


While CO2 emission restrictions are being called for in various countries around the world, such as recently held COP26, extremely challenging emission cut targets have been set. However, such plans and measures lack reality. If this Gravity Reactor becomes widespread, it helps to realize zero carbon emissions easily without environmental damage, existing large-scale power generation equipment or power transmission equipment such as transmission lines and substations, and if it is a "place with gravity," this is it. It makes it possible to supply inexhaustible energy on the spot. For this reason, ND believes that partner companies from all over the world will cooperate in spreading new clean energy generators that use this technology.


This system must be unbelievable in the modern science until customers actually see the system running with their own eyes.

ND plans to hold a technical seminar around the end of December to show the system that will actually run with energy amplification with "regeneration efficiency of over 20,000%" to allow seminar participants to touch and feel the falling water. The seminar will also address an outline of the technology, practical utilization plans in the very near future and technology licensing.

Further details about the seminar will be posted on ND's website.





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