Smilegate Launches Global CBT for New Multi-Platform MMORPG, TeeTiny Online

Smilegate Megaport

2022/6/24 10:23



SEONGNAM, South Korea, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


TeeTiny Online, a space where players from all around the world can gather to

play, is coming soon


-TeeTiny Online, Smilegate Megaport's first MMORPG for a global community

-Global CBT, one global server for all, auto-translation feature, gameplay

possible with players from around the world


Smilegate Megaport (CEO Ina Jang) has announced that it will hold a global CBT

(Closed Beta Test, an anonymous pilot test) for TeeTiny Online, a new

multi-platform MMORPG developed by (Co-CEOs SeByoung Chae and

HeeIl Yang), which will last for two weeks from June 23rd (Thu) until July 7th.


TeeTiny Online is Smilegate's first MMORPG for a global community and was

presented as a unique IP for the first time during the 2020 G-Star exhibition.

Offering cross-platform gameplay on PCs and mobile devices, TeeTiny Online is

highly accessible.


Its concept is centered around being "a space where players from all around the

world can gather to play," thus TeeTiny Online uses a single global server and

promotes a strong sense of community. TeeTiny Online is a story of adventure

and battle revolving around a tower imbued with magical power.


In TeeTiny Online, players are not restricted to a single class; they can

freely switch weapons to change their class and can strategize to figure out

the best way to fight the monsters and bosses on each floor. They can also

enjoy a variety of play modes from cooperating with other global players in

real-time to PvP content. Moreover, AI-supported auto-translation will be added

in various spaces like the garden and to support communities like factions and

guilds in order to allow players to openly communicate and enjoy the game with

other global users.


TeeTiny Online doubles the fun with its fantasy setting and comical elements

including humorous costumes that players across diverse cultures will be able

to recognize and relate to. It also supports low-spec devices as it aims to

reach a wide range of casual and global players.


Smilegate Megaport's Department Head Jaydn Jeong "is very thrilled to introduce

TeeTiny Online, a charming MMORPG which will allow players from all around the

world to cooperate and compete in the same space." He added that "this CBT will

help us lay the foundation for a globally integrated MMORPG with a community

that players from around the world can enjoy together. We plan to speed up

development, so please look forward to it."


During TeeTiny Online's CBT period, many rewards, including a crystal currency,

will be available through login events and mission events. Information on the

game, CBT, and events can be found on the official website



Source: Smilegate Megaport


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   Caption: TeeTiny Online, Smilegate Megaport’s first MMORPG for a global community