Huawei Launches Storage Portfolio to Find the Right Technology for the Right Scenario




BANGKOK, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


Focused on helping enterprises unlock the power of their data, Huawei provided

a range of storage products and solutions featuring scenario-specific

technologies for different industries, at Huawei Connect 2022. The vision

behind the storage portfolio, explained by Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei

IT Product Line, is "to build a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation

for diverse applications" in scenarios like production and transactions, data

analytics, and data protection.


Huawei believes data storage in the digital era faces four major changes:


1. New data applications are continuously created, from conventional databases

to distributed database, big data, and AI applications.


2. Data is getting hotter and hotter, requiring much faster real-time data

analytics and processing.


3. Natural disasters and human-caused errors are frequent, resulting in

enormous losses. Therefore, enterprises' digital resilience needs urgent



4. Energy-efficient data storage is a major industry direction and becoming the

new normal.


Huawei actively embraces these changes, with a series of premium storage

products and solutions for different industry scenarios.


Production and transactions


OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage provides SAN and NAS capabilities with

leading reliability and performance, especially for the financial core baking

and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) scenarios. NAS and SAN both take

advantage of FlashLink disk-controller collaboration algorithms and SmartMatrix

full-mesh architecture. In addition, the OceanStor Dorado provides the

industry's only active-active NAS solution, ensuring the file service



Data analytics


OceanStor Pacific Scale-Out Storage breaks down the performance, protocols, and

capacity bottlenecks of data analytics using technical architecture

breakthroughs, such as data flow that adapts to large and small I/Os,

ultra-high-density hardware, and Erasure Coding (EC) algorithms, improving the

data analysis processing efficiency by over 30%.


Data protection


Huawei Storage provides comprehensive data protection against natural disasters

or man-made mistakes. In terms of disaster recovery (DR), Huawei provides

multiple DR solutions, such as local HA, intra-city A-A, and geo-redundant 3DC.

To back up service data, OceanProtect delivers 3x higher backup bandwidth and

5x higher recovery bandwidth than peer products, along with an ultimate 72:1

data reduction ratio. Huawei ransomware protection storage solution covers

primary storage and backup storage, and uses machine learning models to detect

ransomware, with a detection rate of 99%.


Automatic management


Speaking of O&M, the traditional mode is time-consumed and labor-intensive.

Huawei DME enables full-lifecycle automation across planning, deployment, O&M,

and optimization; predicts disk faults 14 days in advance, and capacity 90 days

in advance; and frees O&M personnel from complicated tasks so that they can

focus on more innovative tasks.


Container storage


Nowadays, the container technology is gaining more popularity, especially in

Internet and finance sectors. OceanStor Dorado NAS decouples containerized

applications from storage so that application and storage resources can be

expanded on demand; provides cross-node data sharing; and improves resource

scheduling efficiency by 30% compared with industry benchmarks.




A combination of public and private multi-clouds is proven the best choice for

cloud transformation. Centralized data storage sharing and cross-cloud

application deployment are the optimal multi-cloud architecture for

enterprises. Storage vendors can deploy professional storage on public cloud

platforms in software-hardware integrated or software-only mode to help

facilitate cross-cloud evolution. Huawei Storage is endeavoring in such

innovative practice.


Peter Zhou noted that, "we are in an era of data explosion and data

applications are booming. Huawei Data Storage is committed to building a

data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation for diverse applications to

unleash the power of data-driven productivity."


SOURCE: Huawei


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   Caption: Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei IT Product Line