MCCI Receives Authorization to Conduct SuperSpeed USB Certification Tests


MCCI Receives Authorization to Conduct SuperSpeed USB Certification Tests


-Enables Critical Validation for USB Product Developers-

MCCI(R) Corporation, the world's leading developer of USB connectivity software, announced on June 11 that the MCCI USB Test Lab has been officially authorized to perform SuperSpeed certification tests on peripherals, hosts, and peripheral building blocks.

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) established the independent test lab program in 2000, as part of their compliance program. "MCCI has been an authorized test lab since the program began," says MCCI CEO Terry Moore. "SuperSpeed authorization means that MCCI can test the full range of USB product technologies available today."

The USB-IF Compliance Program ( allows product vendors to obtain an objective measure of how well their product complies with the USB specification. By passing a variety of design, implementation, and interoperability tests, the vendors gain the right to use the "Certified USB" logos with their products.  In addition, the product is placed on the USB-IF Integrators List. Enterprise customers and first-tier resellers use the Integrators List to verify the quality of products that they're considering buying. Consumers rely on the Certified USB logos in a similar way. "Most savvy USB customers require that any product they buy must be on the Integrators List," Moore notes. "Experience has shown that products on the Integrators List work better, and cause fewer problems in the field. For this reason, many of our customers include USB-IF certification testing as a critical part of product validation."

MCCI is unique among the independent test labs, in that it offers a wide range of USB products and services. According to Moore, "The other test labs focus on testing, with USB being just one of the technologies they support. We focus on USB, with compliance testing part of our complete package of services for USB product developers. MCCI's other products include the only xHCI USB host software stack from an independent software vendor that has gone to mass production, the industry's leading USB device software stack, and the Catena 1910 HSIC USB analyzer. Our technology has been used in nearly a billion products, so our engineers know USB from the physical layer through system software to applications."

Testing with MCCI is straightforward. MCCI walks customers through the process of registering with USB-IF. The customer then ships the product to MCCI's lab in Ithaca, NY for testing. During testing, MCCI engineers keep the customer informed of progress, and interact as needed to help correct problems found. When testing is complete, MCCI submits the test results to USB-IF, and sends the customer a detailed report.

Test prices vary based on the type and complexity of the product to be tested. A test for a simple SuperSpeed device starts at $5,500.  

About MCCI

MCCI is a leading developer of USB drivers and firmware for PCs and portable devices, a maker of USB test equipment, and a provider of USB testing services. The company provides firmware and system software, including xHCI, OTG, NCM, MBIM, MirrorLink, and MTP middleware solutions for OEM/ODM manufacturers of cellphones, PDAs, PCs, and other computer devices. Nearly a billion products have been delivered with MCCI technology. MCCI test equipment supports embedded mobile communications standards such as HSIC USB, MIPI-HSI, and MirrorLink. MCCI experts are actively involved in worldwide technical standards activities. A privately held corporation, MCCI has its headquarters in Ithaca, NY, USA with support/development offices in Taiwan, India, Korea, and Japan. For more information, please visit:

Note to Editors: MCCI is a registered trademark of MCCI Corporation.


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