MCCI Announces MBIM USB Drivers for Mac OS X


TOKYO, July 3 /Kyodo JBN/ --

MCCI Corporation

MCCI Announces MBIM USB Drivers for Mac OS X

MCCI(R) Corporation (, a leading developer of USB drivers and firmware for the high-volume personal computer and portable device markets announced on July 1 Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) USB host function drivers for Mac OS X.

"MBIM is the new industry standard architecture for wireless broadband modems," said Terry Moore, CEO, MCCI.  "It replaces AT commands with a modern message-based API. Data transfer is accelerated by replacing PPP data encapsulation with direct transport of IP packets, so the data going over USB matches the data going over the cellular network. Our MBIM drivers for Mac OS X let modem manufacturers use exactly the same firmware that they use for Windows platforms, increasing the throughput and decreasing the test and validation time."

The efficient data-transport architecture used in MBIM was first developed for the USB NCM specification. "Because MCCI edited the specification and did the industry's first implementation of NCM and MBIM, our encoding and decoding algorithms are the most efficient in the industry," Moore noted. "In addition to chairing the MBIM committee during the development of the specification, MCCI also developed the industry's only device validation test, the MBIM Device Verification Tool (MBIMDVT). We have an incomparable depth of understanding and experience."

The driver package, suitable for LTE-Advanced modems, supports very high throughput, demonstrating up to 180 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink with a compliant modem over the air. It includes advance multifunction device support, allowing one set of device descriptors to support both Windows and Mac OS X. Applications and installation software can be delivered to the end user via a virtual CD-ROM image embedded in the modem. Installer and uninstaller are included.

Related products include embedded firmware for implementing MBIM modems (available as part of the MCCI USB DataPump); the MBIM validation tool MBIMDVT, NCM drivers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, QNX, Windows CE, and TrueTask USB; embedded firmware for implementing NCM for data communication and MirrorLink support (available as part of the MCCI USB DataPump and TrueTask USB); USB logo testing and WHQL testing services; and design and implementation services.

About MCCI

MCCI is a leading developer of embedded USB software for the high-volume personal computer and portable device markets. Customers include some of the world's biggest brands in telecom, wireless, embedded and consumer devices including Qualcomm, Intel, Apple and Sony. Nearly one billion products have been delivered with MCCI technology. MCCI experts are actively involved in worldwide Technical Standards activities. A privately held corporation, MCCI has its headquarters in Ithaca, NY, with additional offices in New York City, India, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Visit MCCI on (, Facebook and Twitter.

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