Nippon Avionics Unveils New Fiber Laser Welder LW-F300


TOKYO, Aug. 5 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.

Nippon Avionics Unveils New Fiber Laser Welder LW-F300

- Industry's First Air-cooled, Single-mode Fiber Laser Welder to Feature High- speed Digital Feedback Control of Optical Power(*)! -

- Ideally Suited for Welding of Ultra-thin Metallic Foil and High-reflection Material (Aluminum and Copper) -

Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Avio"), NEC Corp's subsidiary based in Tokyo, announced on August 5 new Fiber Laser Welder LW-F300, which enables non-contact micro welding of metallic materials and is suitable for use in manufacturing smartphones and other information devices. It is also suitable for use in the manufacturing process of electronic components, rechargeable batteries, and fuel batteries for the automobiles which are becoming lighter and more computerized to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly cars.

Avio is the only comprehensive manufacturer of micro joining products in the world (*) offering four types of welding solutions, including "resistance welding", "laser welding," "pulse heat (hot bar/reflow) soldering" and "ultrasonic welding". Avio provides the most suitable joining solution to meet the customer's needs by proposing the proper welding method according to the demands of weld geometry, size, strength, external factors, etc.

Among laser welders whose demand has increased in recent years, fiber laser welders have become popular because of their narrow beam diameter and high energy density features that realize high-quality welding of micro work pieces and highly reflective material such as aluminum and copper.

The new product offers excellent stability and weldability by using a unique optical power high-speed digital feedback control function. This is an industry first (*) for single mode fiber laser welders with an air-cooling structure.

* As of August 2014, according to our own research.


1) Sealing of aluminum cases

2) Rechargeable battery laminate

3) Fuel cell metal separator

4) Welding of the diode terminal

5) Rechargeable battery welding of secondary cell battery tab

6) Electronic components (Condenser, Coil, Connectors, Sensors, etc.)

7) Automotive electrical equipment

8) Medical electronic components

New Product Features

1) 300W high-quality single-mode laser

2) Stable welding operation even when ambient temperature changes or immediately after laser start-up

3) Air-cooled, space-saving desktop design

4) Normal incidence to the work is possible

5) Supports seam welding and high-speed welding

6) Energy-saving, low power consumption

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1. LW-F300

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| Original |

2. Waveform Control Screen

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3. Normal incidence to the work is possible

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4. Melting Example

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5. Application - Rechargeable Battery Laminate

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| Original |

6. Application - Sealing of aluminum cases

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7. Application - Fuel cell metal separator

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| Original |

8. Application - Diode terminal

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| Original |

9. Application - Battery tab

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