G-7 Group's Overseas Arm Signs License Pact with "Kushikatsu Daruma" Restaurant Chain


2015/6/17 15:00

KOBE, Japan, June 18 /Kyodo JBN/ --

G-7 Holdings Inc.

G-7 Group's Overseas Arm Signs License Pact with

"Kushikatsu Daruma" Restaurant Chain

to Open Shops in Southeast Asia

G7 International Pte. Ltd., the overseas investment holding company of G-7 Holdings Inc. (Securities Code: TSE 7508), concluded a license agreement with the "Kushikatsu Daruma" restaurant chain, operated by Daruma International Co., Ltd., the overseas subsidiary of Ichimonkai, on June 10 to expand its F&B business in Southeast Asia.

The "Kushikatsu Daruma" restaurants serve skewered and grilled cutlets of meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients.The first "Kushikatsu Daruma" restaurant opened in 1929 under Tsutenkaku Tower in the Shinsekai district. The restaurant chain now with 13 outlets in Japan has enjoyed a good reputation for good taste and affordable prices.

G-7 Group has made a huge advance as a mega franchisee of Autobacs, Business Supermarket and other enterprises and boasts a network of about 250 shops in Japan and seven shops abroad.

G7 International will expand its business in Southeast Asia through its overseas subsidiaries by taking advantages of its knowhow in store operation, acquired as a mega franchisee, and the "Kushikatsu Daruma" chain's passion for good taste.

Both companies plan to open the first overseas "Kushikatsu Daruma" restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, this autumn by utilizing their respective expertise. They will expand their "Kushikatsu Daruma" operations in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia in close consultations with Ichimonkai.

Date of Business Partnership:

June 10, 2015

Source: G-7 Holdings Inc.



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