FREETEL to Offer "FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan" for Foreign Visitors to Japan

Plus One Marketing

2015/12/18 15:00

TOKYO, Dec. 18, 2015 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Plus One Marketing Ltd.

FREETEL to Offer "FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan" for Foreign Visitors to Japan

- World's First SIM Card that Allows Free Data Access to WeChat -

Plus One Marketing Ltd., a Japanese branded manufacturer founded in 2012 specializing in self-branded mobility hardware products under the FREETEL brand, today announced that it will offer "FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan" for foreign travelers to Japan from December 21, 2015. The prepaid SIM enables users to access SNS applications such as Facebook, Kakao Talk, WeChat, LINE and WhatsApp for free without worrying about their data limits. In addition, users can easily add data transmissions capacity to the SIM card using the data recharge coupon.

Free data access to the following applications:

- Facebook

- Kakao Talk

- WeChat


- WhatsApp

Manual languages include:

- Japanese

- English

- Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

- Korean

- Arabic

- Spanish

- French

Place of purchase:

- Yodobashi Camera

- Bic Camera

*Please contact the respective mass retailer regarding logo usage

SIM PIN is included in the package.

"FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan" Specifications

Data Volume:          1GB               2GB

Available Period:      7 days           30 days

*The Following specifications apply to both 1GB and 2GB.

Price:Open pricing

Free Data Usage Applications: Facebook, Kakao Talk, WeChat, LINE, WhatsApp

Network Area: Available network depends on the LTE/3G coverage of NTT DoCoMo

Frequency Band: 4G/LTE: B1(2,100MHz)/ B19(800MHz)/ B21(1,500MHz)/ B3(1,800MHz)

3G/WCDMA: B1(2,100MHz)/ B6/19(800MHz)

SIM Card Types: micro SIM, nano SIM

Manual Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Arabic,

Spanish, French

Place of Purchase: Available at all Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera stores

Accessory: SIM PIN

Terms and Conditions:

- A Wi-Fi connection may be required for setting up the APN settings for iPhone and iPad.

- Returns and/or exchanges will not be accepted after the package has been opened. SIM

cards cannot be reissued.

- SIM cards can only be used for the limited period shown on the packaging.

- After the high-speed allotment limit has been surpassed, the maximum data speeds will be reduced to 150Kbps.




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