ConvenientPower、世界初のRezence v1.3認証のワイヤレス充電器「WoW(me2)」を発売


2016/1/8 10:12

ConvenientPower、世界初のRezence v1.3認証のワイヤレス充電器「WoW(me2)」を発売

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*初のRezence BSS1.3認証のワイヤレス充電器、バッテリーなしのデバイスへの充電を拡大

ConvenientPowerは7日、バッテリー切れまたはバッテリーなしの金属ケース入りモバイルデバイスに電力を供給できる世界初のRezence BSS 1.3認証のワイヤレス充電送信パッド「WoWme2」を発表した。これは、最近公表されたBSS 1.3 Rezenceの標準仕様における新たな目玉商品である。その強化されたワイヤレス充電能力は金属ケース入りモバイルデバイスの範囲を拡大するもので、タブレットやノートブックのような高出力デバイス、ならびに設備や家具、照明、パッケージングのようなアプリケーションにワイヤレスで充電される。


WoWme2のモジュール設計は、旧世代のConvenientPower Rezenceのワイヤレス充電器よりもかなり低いコストでより高い性能を出すよう最適化されている。


ConvenientPowerは、ワイヤレス充電のテクノロジーおよびイノベーションのグローバルリーダーである。その証明済みの知的財産と商業化の専門知識は、Apple初認証の「Made For iPhone」および「Over-The-Air」ワイヤレス充電製品、トヨタ車初の車内ワイヤレス充電、家具および医療、オフィスビル・アプリ初の互換性ワイヤレス充電の統合など世界初のワイヤレス充電23件を提供している。




Larry Smalheiser, Sparkpr, +1 (415) 504-3694

ConvenientPower Launches World's First Rezence v1.3 Certified Wireless Charger " WoW(me2)" to Add Power Supply to Power Charging Feature of Metal-Encased Devices


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

          First Rezence BSS1.3 certified wireless charger expands

                    charging to devices without battery

ConvenientPower today announced the world's first Rezence BSS 1.3 certified

wireless charging transmitter pad "WoWme2 " which can power metal-encased

mobile devices with dead or no batteries, a new feature in the recently issued

BSS1.3 Rezence standard specifications. The enhanced wireless charging

capability expands the range of metal-encased mobile devices which can be

wirelessly charged to higher power devices such as tablets, notebooks as well

as to applications such as fixtures, furniture, lighting and packaging.

"The user experience in wireless charging is hitting the milestones for mass

market adoption. Technology and engineering solutions are maturing to deliver

charging across metal and non-metal materials, across a widening range of use

cases such as dead or no batteries, across multiple different devices and with

performance cost sensitivity," said Camille Tang, President and Co-founder,


WoWme2 module design is optimized for higher performance at significantly lower

cost than the earlier generation of ConvenientPower Rezence wireless chargers.

About ConvenientPower

ConvenientPower is a global leader in wireless power technology and innovation.

Its proven intellectual property and commercialization expertise has delivered

23 world firsts in wireless power charging including first Apple-certified

"Made For iPhone" and "Over-The-Air" wireless charging products, the first

in-car wireless charging in Toyota cars and the first integration of compatible

wireless charging in furniture, medical and office building applications.  

ConvenientPower designs and develops wireless charging solutions across

resonance, inductive, low and high operating frequency, standard and customized

technology platforms. Its products and services include reference designs,

modules and chipsets.

SOURCE ConvenientPower

CONTACT:  Larry Smalheiser, Sparkpr,, +1 (415)