Indah Kiat International Financeの社債保持者に通告

Dechert LLP

2016/1/19 18:05

Indah Kiat International Financeの社債保持者に通告

AsiaNet 63143(0074)

【ロンドン2016年1月19日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】


当該企業 Indah Kiat International Finance Company BV(以下「同社」)は、契約書に従って2002年満期の利率11 7/8%保証付き担保債(ISIN US45337HAB78 ; CUSIP 45337HAB7)および契約書に基づき2006年満期の利率12 1/2%保証付き担保債(ISIN US45337HAC51 ; CUSIP 45337HABC5)を発行した(以下「社債」)。




APP Investment Opportunity LLC(以下APP IO)は社債保持者であり、公正ではなく社債保持者の最善の利害とはならないと考えて「計画書」に反対している。同「計画書」は特に、保証人(判決の下で共同で債務責任を負うべき)および「同社」が提出した書類に基づくと、支払い能力があり実質資産を保有していると見られる企業の義務を免除している。APP IO はまた、この「計画書」についてほかにも数々の懸念を抱いている。その中には「計画書」が練られた方法について手続き上および司法上の懸念を持っている。

これまでのところ「同社」は、APP IOが提起した「計画書」に関する諸問題に応えるため、またその他の社債保持者がこの問題を考慮するさらなる時間的余裕を与えるため、「計画書」に関連する初の法定審問を延期するよう求めたAPP IOの要求を拒否している。

従って、その懸念に応えられない限り、APP IOは英国の裁判所での初の(そしてそれに続くことがあればその)審問に出廷して計画に反対を表明し、債権者の投票が実施される場合は反対投票する意向である。

Dechert LLPはAPP Investment Opportunity LLC(APP IO)の法務顧問である。

APP IOの立場と計画に対する懸念に関してさらに詳しい情報を希望する社債保持者は、以下接触先からできる限り早期にAPP IOに問い合わせることができる。

Adam Silver  

+44 20 7184 7349

Paul Fleming

+44 20 7184 7388

Dennis Hranitzky

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Notice to Noteholders Indah Kiat International Finance Company BV ('Company') /PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk ('Guarantor')


LONDON, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Proposed Scheme of Arrangement

The Company has issued 11 7/8% guaranteed secured notes due 2002 (ISIN

US45337HAB78; CUSIP 45337HAB7) pursuant to an indenture and 12 1/2% guaranteed

secured notes due 2006 (ISIN US45337HAC51; CUSIP 45337HABC5) pursuant to an

indenture (the "Notes").

Various judgments of the Supreme Court of the State of New York have been

rendered in respect of the Notes (the "Judgments").  

Some noteholders may be aware that on 7 December 2015 the Company caused a

notice to be issued notifying Noteholders that it had purported to relocate and

transfer its centre of main interest to England with effect from 9 November 2015

Some noteholders may by also be aware that the Company has issued a Practice

Statement Letter dated 7 January 2016  indicating that it intends to execute a

"scheme of arrangement" before the English Court to extinguish certain Debt (as

defined) including the Notes and the Judgments  (the "Scheme"). The first

hearing in relation to the Scheme is currently due to take place on 21 January


APP Investment Opportunity LLC ("APP IO") is a holder of Notes and is opposed

to the Scheme which it considers to be unfair and not in the best interests of

Noteholders. Among other things, the Scheme would also release the obligations

of the Guarantor (which is also jointly liable under the Judgments) and which

is a company which appears, based on the documents provided by the Company, to

be solvent and have substantial assets. APP IO also has various other concerns

about the Scheme, including procedural and jurisdictional concerns about the

manner in which the Scheme has been structured.

So far the Company has refused APP IO's request to adjourn the first hearing in

relation to the Scheme so as to allow the Company to address the questions on

the Scheme which APP IO has raised and so as to give other Noteholders further

time to consider this matter.

Therefore, unless its concerns are addressed, APP IO intends to appear before

the English Court at the first (and any subsequent) hearings to oppose the

Scheme and also intends to vote against it should a creditor vote take place.

Dechert LLP is legal counsel to APP Investment Opportunity LLC

Noteholders who wish to receive more information regarding APP IO's position

and concerns about the Scheme should contact APP IO as soon as possible using

the details below.

Adam Silver  

+44 20 7184 7349

Paul Fleming

+44 20 7184 7388

Dennis Hranitzky

+1 212 641 5647