3rd New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016 Open Nov. 3-6

CHITOSE, Japan, Oct. 28, 2016 / Kyodo JBN/ --

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Executive Committee

3rd New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016 Open Nov. 3-6

An international animation movie festival conducted in its entirety in an airport compound, the Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016, the third in a series, will be held Nov. 3-6, 2016. It is a truly international festival of animation authors, both foreign and domestic, and fans who will communicate with one another using animation, an internationally common culture, shown at three airport theaters.

A major pillar of the animation festival, its international competition will screen 45 works from 22 countries, which passed the elimination round of 1,232 works from 66 countries, an increase of about 130 works from last year's competition.

In addition to the competition screenings, special programs will also be shown. As a curtain-raiser of the 2016 festival, "In This Corner of the World" by director Sunao Katabuchi, who will be present at the screening, will be shown in a preview. Then, "KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm" will be shown in collaboration with "Bakuon (extremely loud) Screening" featuring the full blast of dynamic sound generated by concert gear, as used in every festival in the past. It is the first attempt of a "Ouen (cheering up) screening" for getting people pumped up for creating a "Cosplay? OK! Cheering? OK! Live dubbing? OK!" kind of togetherness atmosphere.

"TIGER & BUNNY: The Rising" will also be shown in collaboration with loud cheering and Bakuon screening. Other animation movies shown in Bakuon Screening will include "Paprika" by director Satoshi Kon and "Alice" by director Jan Svankmajer.

Kicking off a new attempt at the festival titled "Listening to the Sound of Animation, Vol. 1," "The Wind Rises" by director Hayao Miyazaki will be screened after tuning up its sound to studio quality, to be followed by a talk between Kouji Kasamatsu, the movie's sound director, and Tamaki Kojo, Studio Ghibli's line producer.

Also during the animation festival, there will be "AC Bu + group_inou Music Animation Live," a collaboration of live music and animation VJ performance, and "How Do You Like Wednesday? Returns," a talk session between WIT STUDIO that produced the animation in a book of this popular TV program and two TV producers, Tadahisa Fujimura and Masamichi Ureshino.  

Moreover, in the Center Plaza, the main event space on the second floor of the domestic terminal building, there will be a rich assortment of events including exhibitions related to "One Piece Film: Gold," "How Do You Like Wednesday? Returns" and "TIGER & BUNNY: The Rising" as well as a talk show by Hiroaki Hirata performing one of the key roles, "Kotetsu T. Kaburagi," in the TIGER & BUNNY movie.

For more information on other rich programs, please visit the movie festival website (http://airport-anifes.jp/en/).






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