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MoneyGram( )は5日、バンク・オブ・ザ・フィリピン・アイランズ(BPI)と提携契約に署名したと発表した。MoneyGramの顧客はBPIの銀行口座へ数分(注)以内に直接送金できるようになる。

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MoneyGramは世界にまたがる革新的な送金・支払いサービス会社で、友人や家族の送金をつなぐことで世界中に知られている。オンラインあるいは携帯端末、またキオスクや店舗にある端末を通してでも、便利な方法で消費者を結び付けている。一部市場では請求書支払いサービスやマネーオーダー(送金為替)の発行、銀行小切手の処理も取り扱っている。MoneyGram International、Inc.の詳細は )を参照。


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MoneyGram Extends Cash to Account Footprint in the Philippines


MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

         - BPI's customers can now receive money directly to bank accounts

   MoneyGram ( announced today the signing of a

partnership agreement with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). MoneyGram

customers can send money directly to BPI bank accounts within minutes.*

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   "According to the World Bank, digital transaction platforms are driving

financial inclusion in emerging markets around the globe," says Alex Lim,

regional manager for Philippines at MoneyGram. "This partnership demonstrates

MoneyGram's commitment to providing our customers with a seamless experience

through our innovative money transfer technology."

   "MoneyGram is a trusted brand for remittances with a strong worldwide

network supported by a significant digital presence," says Roy Emil S. Yu, Head

of BPI's Remittance Business Division.  "Being one of the top banks for

remittances in the Philippines, we are constantly seeking to tie up

relationships that allow us to offer our customers the best remittance service.

We believe that partnership with MoneyGram will certainly bring us closer to

that goal."

   Bank of the Philippine Islands, locally known as BPI, is the Philippines'

first bank. It is the country's largest bank in terms of market capitalization.

   "Thanks to BPI's longstanding history in the banking sector combined with

unrivaled service quality, the bank has become the preferred brand for many

Filipinos. Our partnership with BPI coupled with a new convenient way to

receive money directly to a bank account will certainly support our OFW

customers in achieving their goals and fulfilling their families' dreams,"

added Lim.

   This cooperation strengthens MoneyGram's digital footprint in the

Philippines - one of the world's largest remittance markets. According to the

World Bank, in 2015 over $28bn flowed into the Philippines. This constitutes

for 9.6% of country's GDP.

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   MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment

services and is recognized worldwide as a financial connection to friends and

family. Whether online, or through a mobile device, at a kiosk or in a local

store, we connect consumers any way that is convenient for them. We also

provide bill payment services, issue money orders and process official checks

in select markets. More information about MoneyGram International, Inc. is

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