Itou-kinzoku Expands Full Custom Rubber Band Stamp Service Worldwide


HIGASHIOSAKA, Japan, Jan. 24, 2017 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Itou-kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Itou-kinzoku Expands Full Custom Rubber Band Stamp Service Worldwide

HIGASHIOSAKA, Japan, Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Itou-kinzoku Co., Ltd., which has produced every type of unique custom rubber band stamp for 28 years in Japan, starts to receive service orders online from all over the world. In this service called CRBS, customers can freely design band content to each customer's needs, and it is based on a simple band stamp. In CRBS, users can completely customize original stamps like serial numbers at a factory and another type in which content arrangements are little different from general products such as office stamps, for example.


Customers can estimate the price of a simple single-line stamp, and it takes only 3 steps, just in 1 minute. It is possible to customize word arrangement in bands, character size, print width, and over 200 kinds of font. They can also order more complicated specifications through email. Clients can design multi-line stamps and their imprint positioning. Moreover, there is a large selection of languages, not only English.

The simplest custom stamp will be shipped out in 3 days from the final proofreading at the earliest. Besides, the lowest price is from US$35. It is much better in cost-for-value terms than marking machines. Takanobu Yamamoto, president of Itou-kinzoku, said: "General custom stamp services limit custom selections. Installing a machine costs enormous investment instead of high marking performance. So, there are few choices for users who need little marking work. We believe that our low-cost service can contribute to the improvement of work efficiency."

CRBS is one of the most effective solutions to obtain "unique marking equipment" without big investment. Those who are worried about seeking some way of special marking equipment and want to avoid the high cost should consider this, before installing expensive machines.

Itou-kinzoku was established as a member of the SANBY Co., Ltd. group in 1986. It especially plays an important role in producing fully customized rubber stamps. Its brand personalized stamps have been supported by hospitals, factories, post offices, government offices and many other clients in Japan for many years.



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