JFrog's Liquid Software is the Triumph of DevOps


JFrog's Liquid Software is the Triumph of DevOps


SUNNYVALE, California, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     Global industry leaders to gather at swampUP 2017 to discuss future of

software delivery

    Organizations, from startups to enterprises, are investigating and planning

for the next leap forward in the DevOps era that will enable consistent,

quality releases in the form of liquid software


ource=pr&utm_campaign=swampUP2017&utm_content=pr_april ] . At swampUP 2017


r_april ], JFrog will announce a solution that will help companies take that

leap towards managing software Continuous Updates for everything from

distributed dev and DevOps teams to IoT devices and even further endpoints.

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    "The future of software is liquid," says Fred Simon, Chief Architect and

Co-founder of JFrog. "You need to constantly release updates, we see this every

day with our individual smart devices and appliances. Customers don't want to

worry about software updates, and companies need to provide new features and

fixes continuously to stay competitive."

    swampUP 2017 promises to be the most forward-thinking software event of the

year, as JFrog users, industry leaders, and the DevOps community come together

to exchange ideas and best practices over three days of conference networking

and hands-on training.

    Video: https://youtu.be/DjOcSVwHoug

    Visionaries pushing the cloud and software industries forward will present

keynote sessions, including Paul Chapman, CIO of Box; Melody Meckfessel, Senior

Engineering Director for Google Cloud Platform; and Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO of

Cloudbees and Creator of Jenkins.  JFrog's Fred Simon will lead the discussion

on the blueprints for next gen DevOps, while JFrog CTO and Co-founder, Yoav

Landman, will deep-dive into the revolutionary JFrog technology soon to be

powering continuous updates.

    "JFrog has consistently been on the cutting-edge of DevOps with our

'universal approach' that supports our community and developer ecosystem. Last

year we announced JFrog Xray, the universal artifact and impact analysis

solution that gives our customers full visibility into security vulnerabilities

coupled with a dependency graph for painless resolution," said Yoav Landman.

"At swampUP 2017, the tradition of unveiling the next step in this journey will

continue when we announce the JFrog solution that will support continuous


    JFrog architects the swampUP conference to encourage peer-to-peer

conversation and knowledge exchange during multiple community events at the

Wine Cave Reception, Community Gala Dinner, and Crush Bar after-party. Previous

swampUP events set the bar high as Captain Sully Sullenberger led the Community

Gala Keynote in 2016 with a discussion on disaster recovery. This year, Thomas

Middleditch, star of hit HBO show Silicon Valley will converse with JFrog's

very own CEO, Shlomi Ben Haim, about how to be a successful CEO


r_aprilhttps://swampup.jfrog.com/#gala_keynote ] in Silicon Valley with some

potentially conflicting and intriguing differences in perspective.

    Cap it all off with sessions covering every hot technology


r_april#keynotes ] in the DevOps world including Docker, Chef, Jenkins,

Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and OpenShift and best practices around Continuous

Integration, Continuous Delivery, security, and open source governance, and

swampUP is set to be the only DevOps conference you need to attend in 2017.

    About JFrog:

    Software release and updates should be an easy, automated and continuous

mission. It's the only DevOps pain and JFrog's mission to solve!  JFrog is the

leading Universal Solution for software binaries management and distribution

for all DevOps needs. JFrog's four products, JFrog Artifactory, the Universal

Artifact Repository, JFrog Bintray, the Universal Distribution Platform, JFrog

Mission Control, for Universal Repository Management, and JFrog Xray, Universal

Component Analyzer, are used around the world and available as open source,

on-premise and SaaS cloud solutions. Customers include some of the world's top

brands, such as Amazon, Google, MasterCard, Netflix, Citibank, Cisco, Oracle,

Adobe, Snapchat, VMware and many more,. The company received $50 Million in

funding at the beginning of 2016, and is privately held and operated from

California, Israel and France. More information can be found at jfrog.com

[http://www.jfrog.com ].

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Lauren Perry     

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