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2019/2/11 14:38


AsiaNet 77393 (0204)

【上海2019年2月11日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】China Tourism Academy(中国旅游研究院)の推計によると、700万人の中国人観光客が2019年の中国の新年休暇を中国本土外の約90の国・地域で過ごすことを選ぶ。これまでに、UnionPay(銀聯)受け入れネットワークは174の国・地域に拡大し、中国人観光客のほぼすべての行き先をカバーしている。中国本土外20万の加盟店がUnionPay(銀聯)QRコード決済を受け入れており、春節休暇期間のUnionPay(銀聯)QRコード決済額の前年比での大幅増加に拍車を掛けている。


カード受け入れ拡大のおかげで、中国本土外のUnionPay(銀聯)の積極的な加盟店の数は2018年に約30%増加した。中国人旅行者はUnionPay(銀聯)カードの使用により自信を深めている。中国人観光客の決済習慣の変化に応じて、中国人の客を引きつけようと、UnionPay(銀聯)モバイル決済製品を受け入れる市場が増加している。現在、UnionPay(銀聯)カードホルダーは世界46の国・地域でUnionPay(銀聯)モバイル決済サービスを享受できる。観光客だけでなく地元の人々にも人気の香港ビクトリア公園Annual Market はUnionPay(銀聯)QR コード決済サービスを受け入れており、UnionPay(銀聯)QR コード決済で支払う客に特別ディスカウントを始めた。

多くのカードホルダーはまた、UnionPay(銀聯)が提供する「red packets(紅包)」を受け取った。春節休暇期間中、30の人気観光スポットにある数万の加盟店はUnionPay(銀聯)カードホルダーに最大30%の特別ディスカウントを提供している。海外でのショッピングの後、UnionPay(銀聯)カードホルダーは便利なUnionPay Tax Refund(税払い戻し)サービスを利用できる。このサービスは44の国・地域で30万以上の加盟店をカバーしている。UnionPay(銀聯)は、EarlyTax Refund(早期税払い戻し)、空港や港での税払い戻し、帰国後の税払い戻しと、さまざまなオプションを提供している。払い戻しは、通貨換算なしに人民元で、特定のUnionPay(銀聯)カードの借り方に記入される。また、UnionPay(銀聯)カードホルダーは春節期間中、UnionPay Tax Refundを利用すると、特典を享受できる。

ソース:UnionPay International

UnionPay offers enhanced payment experiences to Chinese outbound tourists during the Spring Festival Holiday


SHANGHAI, Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

According to the estimates of China Tourism Academy, 7 million Chinese tourists

choose to spend the 2019 Chinese New Year Holiday in about 90 countries and

regions outside mainland China. So far, the UnionPay acceptance network has

expanded to 174 countries and regions, covering almost all the destinations of

Chinese tourists. 200,000 merchants outside the Chinese Mainland accept

UnionPay QR code payment, driving the amount of UnionPay QR code payment

increase significantly year on year during the Holiday.

Eturbonews.com, a US travel news website, reported that with the continuous

expansion of the UnionPay acceptance network, it is more convenient than ever

before for Chinese tourists to travel overseas. To date, UnionPay is accepted

at more than 26 million merchants outside the mainland China, including an

increasing number of merchants catering for independent travelers. For example,

UnionPay is accepted at over 70% of the hotels of the top 10 hotel brands as

well as all the five major car rental brands.

Due to its increasing card acceptance scenarios, the number of UnionPay's

active merchants outside mainland has increased by about 30% in 2018. Chinese

tourists are more confident in using UnionPay cards. In answer to the changes

in Chinese tourists' payment habits, more markets are accepting UnionPay mobile

payment products to attract Chinese customers. To date, UnionPay cardholders

can enjoy UnionPay mobile payment services in 46 countries and regions

worldwide. The Hong Kong Victoria Park Annual Market, which is popular among

local residents as well as tourists, has accepted UnionPay QR code payment

service and has launched special discounts for customers who pay with UnionPay

QR code payment.

Many cardholders have also received "red packets" offered by UnionPay. During

the Spring Festival Holiday season, tens of thousands of merchants in 30

popular destinations are providing up to 30%-off special discounts for UnionPay

cardholders. After shopping overseas, UnionPay cardholders can experience the

convenient UnionPay Tax Refund Service, which covers more than 300,000

merchants in 44 countries and regions. UnionPay offers various options: Early

Tax Refund, Tax Refund at Airport/Port, and Tax Refund Back in China. The

refund will be debited in RMB to selected UnionPay cards with no currency

conversion. UnionPay cardholders can also enjoy special privileges when using

UnionPay Tax Refund during the Spring Festival.

SOURCE: UnionPay International