Summer Art Exhibition Scheduled at Park Hotel Tokyo to Offer Guests Hospitality with Japanese ...

TOKYO, Mar. 5, 2019 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Park Hotel Tokyo

Summer Art Exhibition Scheduled at Park Hotel Tokyo to Offer

Guests Hospitality with Japanese Aesthetics of Season

Park Hotel Tokyo announced on March 5 that it will hold an art exhibition titled “POCKO PARK 'SOUND OF WAVES’ Art Exhibition” from June 3 to September 1, 2019.


Summer is a season of infinite potential; the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and there are limitless possibilities. Summer art encounters are like chance meetings, devices of change that can be life-altering. Such a situation is expressed through a collection by creative platform Pocko. Pieces of art by artists from various countries and various backgrounds gather in one place, and through collaboration, bridging the gap between Japan and Europe.

At ART Lounge, guests can enjoy original cocktail and dessert that complement artworks. In the evening, powerful images with a motif of exhibited artworks will be projected on the 30-meter-high wall.

Park Hotel Tokyo General Manager Takayuki Suzuki said:

"This summer's exhibition is the first exhibition by a foreign curator. Please look forward to witnessing the hotel becoming a place of new encounters."

Park Hotel Tokyo Art Project Director Yoshitomo Fujikawa said:

"Summer is a season in which we hope to experience serendipity. Please enjoy encounters and communications through Japanese and European artworks by artists from various countries."

Park Hotel Tokyo hopes to present guests with the aesthetics of Japan to help them understand Japanese culture.

About Park Hotel Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo, opened in 2003, is located on the 25th floor and above in the Shiodome Media Tower. The 25th floor has the lobby and reception desk besides restaurants and a bar. The city’s view can be enjoyed through the windows behind the reception desk. There are 270 guest rooms, located from the 26th to 34th floors. In 2013, Park Hotel Tokyo put forth a new concept, “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty.” In line with this, every room on the 31st floor is decorated and turned into Artist Rooms, based on the theme “Beauty of Japan.” To offer a memorable experience in various parts of the stay, Park Hotel Tokyo will continue to maximize the role of Japanese aesthetics and hospitality.



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