Workshop on Participatory Design in Robotics for Elderly Care in Germany & Japan

WASEDA University

2019/11/29 14:30

November 29, 2019

Waseda University and the University of Siegen in Germany will hold the PADERO (Participatory Design in Robotics for Elderly Care in Germany & Japan) Workshop on December 3 and 4, 2019 at the Nishiwaseda Campus.

Germany and Japan are among the countries in which demographic change is progressing most rapidly, and both countries will face major challenges in the way people work, for example, in the healthcare sector.

Due to different approaches to technology, Germany and Japan have expertise in different areas, so the German-Japanese exchange in technological and scientific knowledge is particularly promising in finding new opportunities for the use of robots within the field of nursing care. Technological innovations in this field include innovative robotics or mobility solutions, which will support aging populations in Germany and Japan while improving overall support for the elderly and quality of care.

This workshop aims to use participatory methods to communicate new approaches in nursing robotics in order to establish and generate innovative solution models for the challenges of demographic change in the field of nursing robotics among the general public. Participative methods mean the involvement of various stakeholders in the development process, which often leads to a higher acceptance and more sustainable use of the developed technology.

As part of the workshop, a hackathon will take place. In an interdisciplinary and international team of technology and nursing students as well as experts, ideas for new robotics and VR applications in nursing will be developed and prototypically implemented.

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