The special exhibition "The Great Edo Almanac" from 30th June

Chōyō, Chrysanthemum Festival (9th of 9th Month)

Katsushika Hokusai, Kiku Jidō, (1term)


The special exhibition "The Great Edo Almanac" will be held from (Tue) 30th June to (Sun) 30th August. It was scheduled to be held from 21st April to 14th June, but we change the exhibition period, which will be held from 30th June to 30th August. If you have an advance ticket, you can use it from 30th June to 30th August, so please come and visit us.


*Please check the Sumida Hokusai Museum's official website for details before visiting.


Exhibition Concept


We sense the annual rhythms of life through events that occur at set times each year. Back in the Edo period, in Hokusai’s day, people also experienced the course of the year through participating in similar annual events. In this exhibition, we focus on annual events in introducing the customs of the Edo period as Hokusai and his students depicted them. Hokusai and his students give us an intimate sense of a year in Edo as it was over a century and a half ago. We hope that you enjoy exploring the events throughout the four seasons with Hokusai's works. A glorious almanac presenting the year in Edo awaits you.


Exhibition Highlights!


All these events were carried out with prayers of many sorts, for a peaceful year or the healthy growth of children, embedded in their performance. Let’s explore events throughout the four seasons with Hokusai's works!



The Red Demon Queller”

Tango (5th of the 5th Month)

Katsushika Hokusai, The Red Demon Queller, (2term)


The Tango Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month. Families with male children would display banners with images of the Demon Queller, a symbol of strength, and their family crests, along with carp streamers. (Displaying carp streamers was a custom found only in Edo.) Painted in red, this Demon Queller embodies a prayer for protection against smallpox, of which Japan suffered epidemics.



Kiku Jidō”

Chōyō, Chrysanthemum Festival (9th of 9th Month)

Katsushika Hokusai, Kiku Jidō, (1term) (detail)


It is said that if you cover chrysanthemum blossoms with cotton on the evening of the ninth of the ninth month and wipe your face with the dew-dampened cotton the next morning, you will not age.



Exhibition Overview


Exhibition title: The Great Edo Almanac

Term: 30th June – 30th August *The exhibition period changed.

1 Term:[Tue] 30th June - [Sun] 2nd August

2 Term:[Tue] 4th August - [Sun] 30th August

Hours: 9:30-17:30 (last admission 17:00)

Closed: Every Monday The following day if it is a national holiday. Open: Mon 10th Aug Closed: Tue 11th Aug 2020


Organizers: Sumida City, The Sumida Hokusai Museum



The Sumida Hokusai Museum measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19


Requests of visitors for cooperation on COVID-19 infection prevention

1. We will carry out temperature measurements before entering the museum. Please refrain from visiting if you have a cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue, etc.

2. Please disinfect your hands and fingers when entering the building. We have an alcohol disinfectant at the entrance of the building.

3. Please do not touch the display case in the exhibition room.

4. Please refrain from talking in the exhibition room.

5. You can touch by hand the touch screen panel and the wood-block printed books on the 4th floor AURORA (permanent exhibition room) and permanent exhibition room plus. Please disinfect your hands and fingers before and after viewing them.

5. Please wearing a mask.

6. Please cover your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissue, etc. when coughing or sneezing.

7. The passengers in the elevator are limited to 2 people. However, families and caregivers can use it together.



Our efforts to prevent coronavirus infection.

1. The space used by customers has already been disinfected. Water and alcohol cannot be used in some of the display cases, the only dry wipe is carried out.

2. Handrails, elevator buttons, toilet-handle, and tap, are disinfected several times a day.

3. Our staff at the museum who come in contact with customers, wear masks.

4. We have installed a virus splash prevention panel at the reception/museum shop.

5. To keep a good environment in the building, we may restrict admission, and the staff speaks to the customer to call attention.

6. MARUGEN100 (lecture room) and Library: continuing to be closed.

7. We do not accept new reservations for the use of MARUGEN100 (lecture room) and group viewing.

*Please check the Sumida Hokusai Museum's official website for details before visiting.




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