TAKUMI ROAD Promotional Activities Executive Committee Opens Website, Uploads Video to Show ...

TAKUMI ROAD committee

2022/1/21 17:00

TSUBAME, Japan, Jan. 21, 2022 /Kyodo JBN/ --

TAKUMI ROAD promotional activities executive committee

TAKUMI ROAD Promotional Activities Executive Committee Opens Website, Uploads Video to Show Master Craftsmen’s World along TAKUMI ROAD



The TAKUMI ROAD promotional activities executive committee opened a website and uploaded a video on January 21 to introduce towns along the TAKUMI ROAD, where traditional Japanese craftsmanship has taken root.


Through the website and the video, viewers can take a virtual trip to Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture, Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture and Echizen in Fukui Prefecture. Viewers can see workshops where master craftsmen produce high-quality, artistic goods that are worth cherishing for life, such as kitchen knives made by using the technique of producing traditional Japanese swords as well as tea ceremony utensils each of which is produced by processing a single copper plate.



Travel to “TAKUMI ROAD” -- Japan’s master craftsmen’s Road -- Hokuriku/ Tsubame, Sanjo, Takaoka, Echizen





The TAKUMI ROAD is attracting attention in Japan as a new travel route that shows how Japanese craftsmanship has been nurtured. TAKUMI means master craftsmen who have excellent skills. Such craftsmen are working at their workshops situated along a route that extends from Niigata Prefecture to Toyama and Fukui prefectures in the Hokuriku region along the Sea of Japan coast of Honshu (main island).


This route connecting historical towns, where master craftsmen and others have nurtured their own culture and traditional industries, is known as the TAKUMI ROAD.


The committee hopes many people will take a virtual trip along the TAKUMI ROAD to enjoy beautiful scenery and unique culture as well as these masters’ craftsmanship.


Website on travel report

Traveling the TAKUMI Road: A Journey through 4 Cities with the Master Artisans of Japan

Part1. Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture

-English: https://voyapon.com/takumi-road-japanese-craftsmen-tsubame-sanjo/

-French: https://voyapon.com/fr/takumi-road-artisans-tsubame-sanjo/

-German: https://voyapon.com/de/takumi-road-japanische-handwerkskunst-tsubame-sanjo/


Part2. Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture /Echizen in Fukui Prefecture

-English: https://voyapon.com/traveling-takumi-road-master-artisans-japan-2-takaoka-echizen/

-French: https://voyapon.com/fr/takumi-road-artisanat-takaoka-echizen/

-German: https://voyapon.com/de/takumi-road-japanische-handwerkskunst-takaoka-echizen/







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