Tokyo to Invite Bloggers, Journalists to Travel on Recommended Routes to Enjoy Contrast between...


2017/10/12 16:00

TOKYO, Oct. 12, 2017 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo to Invite Bloggers, Journalists to Travel on Recommended Routes to Enjoy Contrast between Tokyo, Miyagi

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is developing sightseeing routes from Tokyo to various tourist attractions in the Tohoku region to publicize diverse allures in these two regions and encourage individual foreign tourists visiting Tokyo to travel further to Tohoku.

In this connection, the Metropolitan Government has added new sightseeing routes from Tokyo to the Tohoku region recommended on its “TOHOKU x TOKYO” website.

The Metropolitan Government will invite journalists with overseas media outlets and influential popular bloggers specializing in travel to journey on these routes and write from the viewpoint of foreigners about what they see en route as well as at tourist attractions they visit during their trip.

Recommended routes:


The Kabukiza Theatre is not only a place to watch Japanese traditional performing art, Kabuki performances, but also to be able to experience Japanese culture in various ways. After participating in a “Tea ceremony” there, you will visit Matsushima, one of the Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan. It is simply overwhelming. This new experience on this trip will excite all of your senses.


TOHOKU x TOKYO -- a website that sends out information on various attractions in both Tokyo and Tohoku to the world:

Tourism of ALL JAPAN -- a website that sends out information on tourism across Japan to the world:




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Mt. Otakamori

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“Minshuku” guesthouse in Oku-Matsushima district

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Tsukihama public beach

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Tea ceremony at Kabukiza Theatre

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Monja (wheat flour-based savory pancake with various fillings) in Tokyo’s Tsukishima district

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Sake (Japanese rice wine) tasting at Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center

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