NTT Resonant and NEOITP Begin Offering Free Local Android Device-connecting Function for Cloud-based

NTT Resonant Inc.

2018/1/11 13:00

TOKYO, Jan. 11, 2018 /Kyodo JBN/--

NTT Resonant Inc.

NTT Resonant and NEOITP Begin Offering
Free Local Android Device-connecting Function
for Cloud-based Testing Service “Remote TestKit”

- New, Useful Features like Checking Logs and Screen Captures by Connecting Your Android Device to Your Computer -

Starting on January 11, NTT Resonant Inc. and NEOITP Corporation (*1) are offering a free function in cloud-based testing service “Remote TestKit ” (*2) which allows users to connect their Android devices to their computers, thereby permitting developers to utilize their personal mobile devices with their computers to effectively test apps and websites.

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1. New Local Device Functionality
Remote TestKit allows you to verify or develop apps and websites for approximately 500 different devices via cloud services even if you don’t have the actual phone or tablet at hand. In response to customer desire to be able to test via their own personal devices as well, NTT Resonant and NEOITP have introduced a new local device function to Remote TestKit that allows customers to use it with their own Android devices connected to their PCs with a USB cable.

The local device function allows users to perform the actions listed below for free without any contract:
- Save the device log
- Capture screens from the device
- Dummy GPS settings
- Simultaneous operation
And more…

2. How to Use Local Device Functionality
(1) Download the Remote TestKit client software.

(2) Launch the client software and connect your Android phone to your computer via USB.

(*1) NEOITP Corporation
NEOITP is the exclusive distributor of Remote TestKit in South Korea.

(*2) Remote TestKit (
Remote TestKit is a mobile device cloud service offering access to hundreds of real devices to maximize your efficiency and to minimize your expenses. Now developers and testers can access all the latest and oldest popular devices at their fingertips. Remote TestKit offers seamless connection to your existing manual and automated testing tools. NTT Resonant offers flexible plans with Public SaaS, Enterprise On-Premise, and Hosted solutions to fit your requirements. Remote TestKit is developed and supported by NTT Resonant, a subsidiary of NTT -- the world leader in telecommunication and mobile technologies.

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