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2018/12/17 14:00

TOKYO, Dec. 17, 2018 /Kyodo JBN/ --

NTT Resonant Inc.

NTT Resonant’s Cloud-based Testing Service Remote TestKit Introduces New Feature to Significantly Improve Efficiency and Quality of Mobile Tests, Automatic Recording of Test Operations for Easy Error Reports

NTT Resonant Inc. is excited to announce that starting on December 17, it is offering a new function that automatically records all the actions taken on devices during the time you rent them for its cloud-based testing service “Remote TestKit” (Note 1).

This new feature can be compared to black boxes on cars as it automatically logs all actions and records what was displayed on the screens of devices in Remote TestKit from the beginning to the end of the rental period. You can replay the recorded video from the logged action history. If an error occurs during testing, it would normally take time to determine when and during what action the error took place in order to re-create it. With the new feature, however, you can use the action history to review the specific action on video. This reduces the amount of time spent by testers re-creating the error.


1. Main Features

A. Automatically record actions

Without any need to turn on the function, video recording will automatically commence at the start of the rental. If an error occurs during testing, you can readily review the action via video.

B. Review actions and video simultaneously

In the action overview panel, text input, taps, and other actions are displayed and a video of the smartphone screen for those actions is displayed on the operation screen. When you want to review the video, you can click on the specific action in the overview or use the video seek bar to search for the section you wish to review.

C. Sharing (export function)

You can save and share the recorded operation, video and screenshots. Also, instead of sharing the entire operation period, you can export a specific duration that you choose on the operation list such as the time surrounding an error. This improves efficiency when reviewing errors.

(The export function of video will be available starting in January 2019.)

2. Usage Overview

A. The action log and recording will start automatically. When you want to review something, these are displayed from the menu.


B. Actions taken will be displayed in an overview in the action history. A video of the device screen for each test or operation will be displayed on the action screen. When you choose an action from the action overview, video footage starting at the commencement of that action will be replayed.


C. You can replay video footage from a specific spot using the seek bar above the action screen (a mini preview will be displayed).


D. You can export and share certain operation, related video and screenshots with others by selecting the portion you want on the operation list.

(The export function of video will be available starting in January 2019.)

3. How to Use This Function

All users subscribing to the Flat Plan can use this function.


1. Remote TestKit (

Remote TestKit is a cloud-based mobile device-testing service offering access to hundreds of real devices to maximize your efficiency and to minimize your expenses. Now developers and testers can access all the latest and oldest popular devices at their fingertips. Remote TestKit offers seamless connection to your existing manual and automated testing tools. NTT Resonant offers flexible plans with Public SaaS, Enterprise On-Premise, and Hosted solutions to fit your requirements. Remote TestKit is developed and supported by NTT Resonant, a subsidiary of NTT -- the world leader in telecommunication and mobile technologies.

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