“Yoshimoto Channel (Provisional)” Scheduled to Start Broadcasting in 2021

Yoshimoto Kogyo

OSAKA, Japan, Dec. 4, 2019 /Kyodo JBN/--

Yoshimoto Kogyo

“Yoshimoto Channel (Provisional)” Scheduled to Start Broadcasting in 2021

On November 29 (Friday), Yoshimoto Kogyo received a satellite broadcaster certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. As a result, Yoshimoto will become a broadcaster of BS broadcasts (clockwise wave HD broadcasts). The “Yoshimoto Channel (provisional)” is scheduled to open in 2021 as a comprehensive channel that handles original program content in various genres such as news, culture, education, animation, sports, variety shows and dramas. The channel is free of charge except for some programs.

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As for the program production, Yoshimoto will proactively develop content that leads to the appeal of local regions, regional development and regional revitalization. In the “I will live in your town” project that started in 2011, Yoshimoto will utilize “live-in comedians” who are active in regional revitalization in 47 prefectures nationwide. In addition, it will provide national news that tells the topic of each region and also convey a wide range of local attractions such as people, culture and food through the creation of original “local” content and in cooperation with local media (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.). Also, Yoshimoto plans to broadcast theater performances in various locations and archived broadcasts of past program content that Yoshimoto owns the rights to. Yoshimoto is also looking into distributing the program content online to promote collaboration with overseas media centered on Asia.

These original programs expand the opportunities for all personalities active in each genre: from top-class comedians to blooming comedians and personalities of Yoshimoto. In the field of program production, it will also act as a place to discover entertainers who will lead the future with new global perspectives, not only in Japan but also overseas.

In recent years, Yoshimoto has promoted various initiatives with the keywords of “region,” “Asia” and “digital” in anticipation of the next 100 years. Positioned as a culmination of that is the “Yoshimoto Channel (provisional)”.



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