“Yambaru Art Festival 2023-2024” to Be Held at Venues in Northern Okinawa, World Natural...

Yoshimoto Kogyo

OGIMI, Japan, Jan. 5, 2024 /Kyodo JBN/--

Yambaru Art Festival Executive Committee

“Yambaru Art Festival 2023-2024” to Be Held at Venues in Northern Okinawa, World Natural Heritage Site, from January 20 to February 25, 2024


The “Yambaru Art Festival,” which exhibits artworks and crafts in multiple municipalities in the northern region of Okinawa Prefecture (commonly known as Yambaru), is scheduled to take place from January 20 (Saturday) to February 25 (Sunday), 2024. This is the seventh time the festival is to be held in Yambaru.


Image: https://cdn.kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M101242/202312204589/_prw_PI3fl_02YS5GP0.png


Photos: https://cdn.kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M101242/202312204589/_prw_PI2fl_lta1h416.png


The northern region of Okinawa Prefecture, registered as a Natural World Heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in July 2021, is rich in nature.

The area, also known as a spiritual spot and a village of longevity, has been attracting a lot of tourists from abroad in recent years as it is endowed with “primitive” charms -- rare flora and fauna such as the Yambaru kuina (a species of water birds), and traditional performing arts and rituals that have been passed down to the present day.


The festival consists of the “Exhibition Division” in which 30 groups of world-renowned artists from Japan and abroad will participate and the “Craft Division” in which 20 groups will take part in showing and selling Okinawa crafts selected by themselves as part of its programs to hold art exhibitions and hands-on events based on the key concept of nature and art, and co-existence between nature and mankind.


Overview of Yambaru Art Festival 2023-2024

Host: Yambaru Art Festival Executive Committee

Co-hosts: Ogimi Village, Okinawa International Movie Festival Executive Committee

Period: January 20 (Saturday) - February 25 (Sunday), 2024

Venues: Various places in northern region of Okinawa Prefecture’s main island

-Ogimi Village: Former village-run Shioya Elementary School, village-run Kijoka Nursery School, and Yanbaru Distillery Inc.

-Kunigami Village: Okuma Private Beach & Resort, Hentona Shopping Street

-Nago City: Oriental Hotel, Okinawa Resort & Spa, Kanucha Resort, Statue of Agu in front of Nago City Hall

-Satellite venue: Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Okinawa Seragaki (Onna Village), Hotel Anteroom Naha (Naha)


Official website: https://yambaru-artfes.jp




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