Fujinosou, the biggest Mame Shiba dog breeder in Japan will expand Sale to foreign countries


2019/12/25 15:00


株式会社 富士野荘

Popularity of a Shiba dog is something worldwide already.

It becomes popular in a Mame-Shiba dog, smaller than a Shiba dog in Japan.

Fujinosou, the biggest Mame Shiba dog breeder in Japan will expand Sale to foreign countries

From January 1, 2020.

In days of old, people kept Shiba dog as a guard dog, in that time people

Chained Shiba dogs outside of a house as with so many other dogs.

Shiba Dog is suitable for a guard dog, they don’t become attached to

Other peoples, barker, rough by nature, as their character.

Times are changing, people begun have smaller dog breed such as Chihuahua,

Toy Poodle, were called an indoor dog later.

And a dog is no longer guard dog, but a partner dog like a member of

the family.

After many decades development of indoor small Shiba dog roots existing small sized Shiba Dog at Fujinosou, in addition consequently improved the performance of no barks, gentle, Friendly, Now “Mameshiba dog”, the size is almost half size of Shiba Dog.

Currently, there are legion of fans of Shiba dog across the globe, nowadays

Mameshiba dog makes the news, many people have desire a Mameshiba dog.

And then visiting Fujinosou, Japan from abroad all the way.

To support such dog persons outside Japan, Fujinosou established procedure of purchase from abroad and strengthening of export structure.  


The left picture Mame Shiba dog

The right picture Shiba dog




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