“MUSCLE SUIT Every” PR Campaign Selected as “2020 IN2 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific” Winner, ...


2020/10/12 16:00

TOKYO, Oct. 12, 2020 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Innophys Co., Ltd.

“MUSCLE SUIT Every” PR Campaign Selected as “2020 IN2 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific” Winner, “2020 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific” Finalist



Innophys Co., Ltd., which develops and sells wearable work-assisting robot MUSCLE SUIT Every, was selected as a finalist in the “2020 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific,” one of the world’s most prestigious PR awards, on September 24 for its publicity campaign to encourage younger people to present their parents with the product on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. The company won the honor in addition to winning the “2020 IN2 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific” on August 26 for the same campaign.


Innophys conducted the PR campaign in April-May in cooperation with BlueCurrent Japan.


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About MUSCLE SUIT Every:

MUSCLE SUIT Every is a wearable work-assisting robotic suit developed by Innophys Co., Ltd., a venture company that originated in Tokyo University of Science. The robotic exoskeleton suit uses pneumatic artificial muscle to assist movements, such as lifting up heavy items or a person and maintaining a half-crouching position, with up to 25.5kgf of assistive force to lighten the load on the backs. MUSCLE SUIT Every is excellent in that it can be used for jobs outdoors or with water because the machine does not need electric power. Since it was released in 2014, MUSCLE SUIT Every has been in widespread use at nursing care, farming, manufacturing, distribution and construction sites, and in other labor-intensive activities. By the end of June 2020, MUSCLE SUIT Every has sold over 13,000 units.


The latest model of MUSCLE SUIT Every, which was placed on the market in Japan in November 2019, is the lightest of all MUSCLE SUIT models, at only 3.8 kilograms, while maintaining its capacity to provide auxiliary force up to 25.5kgf. The price of the latest model has been reduced to below 30% of its past models, making it easier for not only corporate customers to introduce the robot for use at work sites but also individual customers to buy the machine to provide nursing care for their elderly family members or grow vegetables at home, among other purposes.


As part of its overseas expansion, the company began to sell MUSCLE SUIT Every in Taiwan this past summer, making it easier for both corporate and individual customers in the region to buy the robotic suit.


MUSCLE SUIT Every official brand website for Taiwan (traditional Chinese characters): https://musclesuit.co.jp/tw/


About the campaign to encourage younger people to present their fathers and mothers with MUSCLE SUIT Every on Father’s and Mother’s Days:

Innophys has been selected as a finalist of the 2020 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific and winner of the 2020 IN2 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific for a twitter campaign it conducted in April and May this year for Father’s and Mother’s Days in Japan. In the campaign, those who wanted to present their fathers and mothers with MUSCLE SUIT Every were invited to tweet messages describing the specific scenes where they wanted their fathers and mothers to use the robotic suit with a hashtag, “okuru kinniku” (“muscle as a present”). The company offered MUSCLE SUIT Every to prize winners in the campaign at heavily discounted prices, and MUSCLE SUIT Every was sent directly to the parents of the winners. Many winners subsequently uploaded photos of their parents smiling after receiving the product to their twitter accounts. As a result, information regarding MUSCLE SUIT Every reached over 900,000 people online.


About SABRE Awards, IN2 SABRE Awards:

The SABRE Awards honor is one of the world’s most prestigious PR awards. SABRE, which stands for “Superior Achievement in Branding and Reputation,” honors PR campaigns that made outstanding performance in branding and reputation building.


Among the SABRE Awards, the IN2 SABRE Awards, which Innophys won just recently, commends excellent solutions. IN2 stands for “Insight + Innovation.”


Innophys’ campaign to encourage younger people to present their parents with MUSCLE SUIT Every was highly commended as a campaign that made effective use of digital media based on the concept of PR-driven business practices, and won the award for the “Best Use of Global Social Networking Platforms.”



The campaign also made it as a finalist of the 2020 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific.



Innophys, as a company based in Japan where the population is rapidly aging as the birthrate is declining, is seeking to ensure as its mission that people lead self-reliant lives. It is determined to continue developing and providing products to help as many people in the world as possible remain active throughout their lives.


Official website: https://innophys.jp/en/



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