Taiko Pharmaceutical Officially Launches “Cleverin” in Mexico, Top Made-in-Japan Brand for...

Taiko Pharmaceutical

2021/3/23 15:00

OSAKA, Japan, Mar. 23, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Taiko Pharmaceutical Officially Launches “Cleverin” in Mexico,

Top Made-in-Japan Brand for Removing Viruses/Bacteria, Deodorization


- Via Own E-commerce Website as Well as Marketplace Pages, Including Amazon and Mercado Libre -


Together with a local distribution partner, Torishi S.A. de C.V., Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Taiko), based in Osaka, Japan, has announced the launch of “Cleverin,” a top made-in-Japan brand (*1) among products for removing viruses/bacteria and deodorization, via its official e-commerce website available in Mexico as well as marketplace pages, including Amazon and Mercado Libre.


(Images: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/release/202103041850?p=images)


Cleverin removes more than 99% of both airborne and surface-adhering viruses/bacteria (*2, 3). With Taiko's patented technology, Cleverin maintains a certain level of low-concentration chloride dioxide in solution and gel, and offers a comfortable living environment with the power of chlorine dioxide molecules. So far in Japan, Taiko has pioneered a new market by creating an unprecedented concept of "airborne disinfection" by Cleverin.



(*1) Based on SRI+ (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey) by INTAGE Inc.: sales proportion in Japan (from January to December in 2020) of Cleverin to that of virus-removing-related products (including Cleverin) among the category of air-refreshers and deodorants.

(*2) Inactivation of airborne bacteria and viruses using extremely low concentrations of chlorine dioxide gas, Ogata N., et. al., Pharmacology 97, 301-306 (2016)

(*3) Inactivation of feline calicivirus by chlorine dioxide gas-generating gel, Morino H., et. al., YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 133, 1017-1022 (2013)


With the need for disinfection growing in the living environment, Cleverin has achieved market penetration as a valuable brand of both consumer and business products and has expanded the market.


Since the launch of the infection control business in 2005 in Japan, Taiko has consistently promoted basic research on chlorine dioxide. In cooperation with universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas, the company has conducted research on the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide against viruses, bacteria and fungi and on the safety of chlorine dioxide using animals. It published many academic papers and acquired patents for various technologies. Since 2017, through industry-academia collaboration with the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Taiko has been conducting research focusing on a spatial sterilization system that uses low-concentration chlorine dioxide gas, aiming toward clinical application in the regenerative medicine and infection control fields.


Starting with online sales, Taiko aims to spread the product to the wider Mexican population through both B-to-C channels, including pharmacies and supermarkets, and B-to-B channels such as hospitals, offices and factories.


For more details, please visit Taiko’s Cleverin Mexico website: https://cleverin.com.mx/


About Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Under the corporate philosophy of “Bringing Great Happiness to Our Customers around the World” through the principles of “Independence, Interdependence and Creativity,” Taiko conducts its business activities with two pillars: the pharmaceutical business and the infection control business.






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