Earth Cardboard Develops Eco Solar Cooker Made of Water-Repellent Cardboard

Earth cardboad

INA, Japan, Dec. 8, 2022 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Earth Cardboard Co., Ltd.

Earth Cardboard Co., Ltd., headquartered in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, announced that it has developed an environmentally friendly cooking utensil made of water-repellent cardboard by applying a varnish coating to the Eco Solar Cooker. The company started selling Eco Solar Cooker with water-repellent function on Dec. 1, 2022.


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Product information:


Eco Solar Cooker is a cooking utensil invented by Earth Cardboard. Using silver-colored cardboard, it collects the sun’s heat and light. The cooker is convenient for outdoor cooking such as camping and barbecue and useful as a disaster kit.


Eco Solar Cooker:

- is handy because it is lightweight and small before being assembled.

- is disposed of easily.

- can make small donuts.

- can cook rice.


How to make a small donut with Eco Solar Cooker:


It is a very convenient item but water-sensitive because it is made of cardboard. Therefore, Earth Cardboard applied a varnish coating to Eco Solar Cooker to make it water repellent. Eco Solar Cooker can be used even in case of light rain or splashing by a child playing with a water gun.


About Earth Cardboard Co., Ltd.

Earth Cardboard is a Japanese cardboard company with a lineup of over 3,300 types of cardboard boxes. Customers can easily find the box they need. The company also specializes in small-lot full-color printing. It even can manufacture treasure chests similar to those in manga comics and animation.


Sample of treasure chests:


Official website: (Japanese)




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