Shueisha releases iPhone version of SPUR's "100 Views of Tokyo" in Chinese, English


TOKYO, Sept. 24 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Shueisha Inc.

Shueisha releases iPhone version of SPUR's "100 Views of Tokyo" in Chinese, English

Shueisha Inc. has translated "Tokyo Hyakkei" ("A Hundred Views of Tokyo"), an article featuring Tokyo that was carried in the October 2015 issue of its monthly magazine "SPUR," into Chinese (using simplified Chinese characters) and English, optimized the content for iPhone, and distributed them for free.

The SPUR application released on the Apple App Store has achieved more than 120,000 downloads, and nearly 70% of these downloads were made overseas (particularly in Asia). The app allows users to read digital content of the magazine.

The digital version of the free content of "Tokyo Hyakkei" introduces 100 spots that SPUR recommends -- mainly those related to fashion, culture and cuisine -- to inbound tourists who have drawn particular attention from the Japanese public for their sharply increasing numbers.

SPUR APP (exclusively for iOS)

About SPUR: Monthly magazine; released on the 23rd day of each month; published by Shueisha Inc.

Inaugurated in 1989, SPUR is a magazine for fashion-conscious and intellectually curious women. Through its beautiful visual content, the magazine recommends high-quality and up-to-date fashion items, matters of beauty, art, entertainment and lifestyles, which can inspire artistic and aesthetic women of today, from the standpoint of Japan.



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