Set of YANAGIYA Items and GHT POUCH S/M Featuring YANAGIYA's Traditional Houndstooth Check...


TOKYO, June 7, 2016 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Yanagiya Honten Co., Ltd.

Set of YANAGIYA Items and GHT POUCH S/M Featuring YANAGIYA's Traditional Houndstooth Check Launched through BEAMS JAPAN Stores

BEAMS Co., Ltd. and Yanagiya Honten Co., Ltd., both headquartered in Tokyo, are pleased to announce on June 7 the launch of GHT POUCH S/M, a collaboration product that features YANAGIYA's traditional houndstooth check pattern, through BEAMS JAPAN stores.

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The pouch is an original item available only in BEAMS JAPAN stores. It features a green houndstooth check pattern that has been used in the packaging for YANAGIYA hairdressing pomade for men and its hair tonic, which have been sold since the Taisho period.

BEAMS JAPAN reopened in April 2016 after work to refurbish its stores. This stylish pouch is designed to fit the concept behind the BEAMS "TEAM JAPAN" project, which aims to rebrand Japan. It is hoped that users will proudly sport this traditional design.

This product represents a new form of collaboration between Yanagiya Honten, a long-established cosmetic manufacturer that has been in business since the Edo period (1603-1867), and BEAMS, an ever-evolving select apparel shop operator that also sells cultural items.

Product features

- Available only in BEAMS JAPAN stores. Made in Japan.

- GHT POUCH S contains YANAGIYA hair tonic, and GHT POUCH M contains YANAGIYA hair tonic, YANAGIYA pomade, and YANAGIYA hair cream.

Price / Volume / Product size:


Price: 4,200 yen plus tax    Volume: 389 g    Product size: 215 x 50 x 82 (mm)


Price: 8,000 yen plus tax    Volume: 834 g    Product size: 322 x 160 x 76 (mm)

Date and region of release:

June 6, 2016

On sale only in BEAMS JAPAN stores and BEAMS online shops

(online sales starting later than in physical stores)


BEAMS "TEAM JAPAN" is a project through which BEAMS collects and introduces Japan's attractions through the keenly selective sense of selected shops. The project is based at BEAMS JAPAN, a hub of information dissemination, to collect a wide range of categories of items that reveal "How great Japan is!" from many different perspectives, such as a range of different types of culture including Japanese fashion, products and art as well as Japanese cuisine and quality products, and to promote their values both in Japan and overseas.

About Yanagiya Honten Co., Ltd

The founder who was a court physician of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu started the business of manufacturing and selling rouge, hair wax, perfume oil and face powder. It is the oldest cosmetic company in Japan with a long and distinguished history.

It now sticks to botanical ingredients, manufacturing and selling mainly hair care products. Its sales outlets are drug stores, mass merchandisers, etc.



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