Topos Conference May 20 "Beyond the Creative Failures -Shift to the New World with compound eyes"



2021/5/4 13:00

4th May 2021



FCAJ (Future Center Alliance Japan: Noboru Konno, President) will hold a Zoom seminar on May 20, 2021 from 17:00 to 19:30 (JST) on the theme of “Beyond the Creative Failures - Shift to the New World with compound eyes” with people from Europe and Japan who have the ability to think about the future.


What is the Topos Conference?

The Topos Conference is an international (w3i) conference initiated by Professor Ikujiro Nonaka and Noboru Konno in 2012. The word "topos" means "place" in Greek, but it is also the origin of the word "topic". It is a conference where wise men and women from Japan and abroad gather in Japan for dialogue, to discover and gain perspective not only on current issues, but also on those that will be important in the future. Originally planned for 12 sessions, a total of 13 were held until 2019.

However, as the effects of the coronavirus spread around the world, we began to see the disconnect between countries and the alienation of people in society, and we realised that we needed a place like Topos once again. Recognising the importance of such a forum, we have started an experimental online forum last year to discuss topics that we believe will be important in the near future, without changing our style.


1) Program Outline

・Title: Beyond the Creative Failures - Shift to the New World with compound eyes

・Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 10:00-12:30 (CET) Venue: ZOOM Online

・Organisers: Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ), WorldWiseWeb (w3i)

・Supported by: Open Innovation Lab of Norway (OIL), EcosyX Lab

・Cooperation: Wisdom Together, The New Club of Paris and Toyo Keizai Inc.

・Language: Japanese, English (simultaneous interpretation available)

・Participation fee: General 15 € (We do not accept cancellation after purchase.)

・Event Page:

・How to participate: The ZOOM URL for participation will be sent to applicants by the day of the event. Please do not share this URL with others.

・Application deadline: Tuesday, 18 May, 24:00

・Contact: FCAJ Secretariat (Email:



2The leading thinkers on the “Beyond the Creative Failures”

We have been encouraged to avoid "failure" as much as possible, but the pandemic of the new coronavirus has brought to light the need for us to take on new challenges and create innovation without fear of failure.

This time, we invite the Chief Failure Officer from The Institute of Brilliant Failure in the Netherlands, and discuss how to create knowledge from failure and how to use failure as an asset in a new society with people from various fields.


Keynote Speaker

Paul Iske

Chief Failure Officer, The Institute of Brilliant Failure, Professor at Maastricht University

A Japanese translation of the book "The Hall of Failure" is published soon by Toyo Keizai Inc.

Professor of Open Innovation and Venture Business at the Faculty of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, where he studies service innovation and social innovation.

He founded the Institute for Brilliant Failures to further the study of innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a lecturer and consultant in the fields of creativity and innovation, intellectual capital, knowledge management and entrepreneurship.


Video message


Truls Berg

Founder of Open Innovation Lab of Norway

An ICT executive with over 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, CEO and business developer, he is the founder of Open Innovation Lab of Norway, founding partner of Digital Insight and editor-in-chief of INNOMAG, Norway's leading innovation magazine. He is also the editor-in-chief of INNOMAG, Norway's leading innovation magazine. He was previously chairman of the Norwegian Computer Assosiation from 2001 to 2003.


Shu Yamaguchi

Independent researcher / Public speaker / Author
After working for Dentsu, Boston Consulting Group, Korn Ferry and others in corporate strategy formulation, cultural policy making and organizational development, he is currently working as an active figure as an independent researcher, author and public speaker on the theme of "producing intellectual results at the intersection of the humanities and management sciences".

He is currently President of Leibniz Corporation and a member of the Global Future Council of the World Economic Forum. He is also the author of “The Age of the New Type”, “Why the World's Elite Train Their Aesthetic Sense”, and “The Philosophy as a good armour”.


【Guest Speakers】

Hideaki Koizumi

Honorary Fellow, Hitachi, Ltd. and FCAJ Special Advisor
He joined the Instrumentation Division of Hitachi, Ltd. in 1971. In 1976, he created the polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometry method and received a doctorate of science from the University of Tokyo. More than 10,000 of his instruments are in operation worldwide, mainly for environmental measurements. At the 100th anniversary of the MITI patent system, he was selected as one of the 50 representative patents of Japan, and his initial equipment was selected as a heritage of analytical and scientific instruments. In the field of medical measurement, he has created and commercialised magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) and optical topography.

He is the editor of "The Leading Edge of Environmental Measurements" and co-author of "Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry" and many other dictionaries.


Airi Horie

President, Womens' Startup Lab
Born in Hiroshima, Japan, she graduated from California State University in 1997. In 2013, she founded Women's Startup Lab, a training camp for women entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, USA. CNN's "10 Visionary Women," Marie Claire's "20 Women Who Are Changing the Ratio," and Entrepreneur Magazine's "100 Powerful Women in Business," the largest entrepreneurial magazine in the U.S. Entrepreneur Magazine's "100 Powerful Women in Business".


Miyuki Onitake

Composer / Arranger / Pianist

After graduating from the Department of Mathematics at the Tokyo University of Science, she worked for Canon Inc. as a software engineer, and began her music career at the age of 27.

She has released 7 original albums, including her latest "FUKUSHIMA". She has participated in many recordings and concerts as an arranger and pianist for artists such as Tokiko Kato, Kazushi Miyazawa and Aoi Teshima. She is also active as a composer. In 2019 she was awarded by NHK Fukushima station for her contribution to the local community.


Speakers from the organisers


Ikujiro Nonaka

Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University; Founder, Topos Conference; Special Advisor, FCAJ

He has been a member of the National Academy of Japan since January 2016. He was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2002, the Medal with Zuiho Ribbon in 2010, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. He is the author of "The Essence of Failure," "The Knowledge-Creating Company," "The Essence of Intellectual Mobility," and many other books.


Noboru Konno

President, ECOSYX LAB; Founder, Topos Conference; President, FCAJ
Professor, Tama University Graduate School, from the perspective of knowledge ecology in organizations and society, he has been promoting research and practice on knowledge creation based on design methods, methodologies for creating and utilizing "places", innovation management, and "purpose engineering" for this purpose. As part of this work, he has been involved in the introduction of Future Centres in Japan and launched Future Centre Alliance Japan in 2015.


Kozue Nakayama

External Auditor of Imperial Hotel, External Director of TDK and Isuzu Motors, Board Member of FCAJ

After completing her Master's degree at Keio University's Graduate School of Sociology, she joined Nissan Motor Co. She later became Deputy Devision Head of the Global Brand Coordination Bureau. She then joined the Yokohama City Government, where she has been Director General of the Yokohama City Culture and Tourism Bureau since 2012. From 2019, she is an external auditor of the Imperial Hotel, and in 2020, an external director of TDK Corporation and Isuzu Motors Limited.


Hiroshi Shima

Research Fellow, Yasuhiro Nakasone Institute for World Peace Research; Board Member of FCAJ
He started his career at the Development Bank of Japan, where he was involved in business review and planning and research for regional development and urban development. Since April 2013, he has been involved in the launch and management of the Otemachi Innovation Hub, a financial institution's future centre for promoting open innovation for value creation.



3)About the interviews

Members of the press are kindly requested to contact the following email address by Friday, 14 May, in order to watch the event and to arrange interviews with the organisers (and related speakers).



※The Future Center Alliance Japan, FCAJ, is an ecosystem, plural sector, in which industry, academia ,government and the private sector participate and collaborate for open innovation. It provides "Ba", place, meetings and programs to transcend the boundaries of organizations to connect the economy and society. Since 2016, we have been carrying out activities to address social and future issues and to envision new industries.



For more information, please contact Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ) Secretariat (Ba Architect Office)



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